3 Arenas, 2 Days & Nights of Solid Metal at the O2 Academy, Birmingham!

To secure your ticket or Hotel book online or ring Holly on 0207 193 1845.

There’s only one way to start 2020 in style, and that’s @ The HRH Metal: Metal Meltdown!

Raise the Shield Wall, lock em tight and march… The HRH Oathsworn have all been summoned yet again. With 45 bands performing across 2 days and 3 stages including Rhapsody of Fire, Equilibrium, Lord of the Lost, The Three Tremors, Evil Scarecrow, Xentrix, Skiltron and more, never will there be a better time to get your metal on!

See you on the deck, hoist the banner, and let’s get this show on the road…

HRH Watchtower